About Perfecta

About Perfecta

We haven’t chosen to be the biggest, but we have chosen to become specialist suppliers. Knowing our business very, very well. Pumps - from our best-selling small PIVO to the really large industrial pumps, as well as circulation pumps, wet and dry, not to forget electronically controlled - is simply our specialty. Of course, we are ISO 9001 certified and also among the very first in the industry in Sweden to be ISO 14001 certified.

All of our resources are under one roof - technical development, manufacturing, warehousing, sales and service. For our customers, this means above all fast delivery and high qualilty, and that we will be easy to reach, savvy, keep our promises and deliver on time. In the case of a single pump that is particularly urgent, we will do our best to produce, assemble, paint, test, pack and send your pump in a day.

FIFTY YEARS IN THE BUSINESS - Still growing strong
Perfecta pumps have been on the market and been manufactured by us since the beginning of the 1950s. Today, we are making and selling more pumps than ever before. We have always held up high standards; on our products, ourselves, and the process. Quality: it is really something that has followed the Perfecta brandname through the years. We are excited, and grateful, that our concept is as successful today as it was 50 years ago.

We believe wholeheartedly in that proximity has many benefits for our customers! We know Nordic conditions, and we benefit from our Smålandish innovation. Our products are made for local conditions, but they work from Smygehuk to Treriksröset. We have nation-wide sales and service. We are also fortunate in having strong, Swedish owners with long-term economic interests (the well-known Pomona group). We are easy to reach, and speak the same language. In every way. Reassuring!

Perfecta’s factory is built for advanced casting and machining and specifically manufacturing pumps. Our machine park is state of the art, high capacity and under meticulous quality control. Knowledgeable people from all stages of the process are always at hand. As close as the nearest phone, you will find all the knowledge, experience and product developing support you can expect.

Simple and convenient for those who want to call and order directly. Greatly appreciated, as our stock is vast, deliveries fast, and prices competitive. Put a finger on the product name in the directory, call, and your order is received and delivered just as quickly. A single number - no call transfers, no long hours of waiting. 0470-799 800 - We call it the HVAC installer's closest friend in need!